Hathersage to Stanage : Possibly the Windiest Walk Ever

If we thought last weekend was windy then today was on a whole new level…

Almost lost my hat there!

Another from our 50 Walks in the Peak District book, today we hiked a 9 mile circular route from Hathersage to Stanage & back. And oh my did the wind want to let us know she was there.

The book said 5 hours but we did it in 3.15. Probably because we were so desperate to feel our cheeks & noses again. We also did miss a tiny section out. See the picture below from stage 6 to 7 we hiked along the main road (the yellow line) just to the left of the route which will have shaved off around 30 minutes as well.

We’ve only done this route up from Hathersage once before & I’d forgotten how pleasant it is. We stopped at Coleman’s Deli before setting off & bought a tuna & cheese toastie & had a wander round the Alpkit shop. This particular outdoors shop has good memories for me as it’s where I bought my North Face Artic Parka coat back in 2013. Rufino is always impressed that I bought such a good coat & thinks I bought it when we were together. I bought it just before we met he just likes to think that it was meeting him that brought the outdoors and love of good quality outdoors clothing to my life. He is wrong! Anyway suffice to say I’ve never been cold since & after living in Scotland for three years & vowing ‘I never want to be that cold again’, it does the trick 🙂 Today the shop was full of fell runners before a race.

The walk up into Stanage plantation:

Me on the top struggling to walk & using the trig point as an anchor so I don’t blow away:









We passed the runners a few times. I was struggling to walk straight never mind run! Once off the top the wind died down quite quickly but not enough to want to stop & eat. At one point we hid behind someones car to block the wind while Rufino checked the map. We made it back to the car without eating the toastie so headed home to have it warmed up with a bowl of soup. A really nice walk in an area of the Peaks we know well but our first time completing this route. Would recommend 🙂



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