Storm Ciara says NO

So today we were really up for a hike but the weather had other ideas. I don’t know why we were surprised, people had been saying the storm was coming like the Northerners waiting for Winter in Game Of Thrones season 1.

Yesterday was the day for getting out. It was lush but I had a pyjama day & Rufino went to work for a few hours. Quite random for us, but sometimes that’s just the way it is! I was touring in a show Thursday & Friday and had a severe post show hangover so lying down and eating was my priority for the day. But to make up for missing yesterdays glorious weather we did some great watching instead. Yep we ventured outdoors through the vicarious adventures of others… 🙂

Yesterday we watched Extreme Everest with Ant Middleton. Rufino enjoys SAS & finds Ant Middleton hilarious & I have enjoyed his other documentaries such as Mutiny. Whilst really enjoying Ant & his tough love ways, this channel 4 doc didn’t fully satisfy but rather was the starter to our main meal: Kilian Journet, path to Everest. If you’ve not seen this I highly recommend it. The guy is incredible & super human. I really enjoy the dynamic between him & his partner Emelie Forsberg (also a total bad ass babe) and how they come across on screen. They’re really humble & seem like lovely people. I first saw this documentary a few years ago when Rufino took me to see Mountains On Stage when they came to Sheffield. I wasn’t bothered about this event at first because I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out it’s blooming great. All the documentaries were top quality & beautifully crafted. I came out buzzing & rewatching the Kilian Journet doc on Saturday was just as good the second time around.

Today we moved onto Ode To Muir: The High Sierra. The mountains & scenery here are breath taking. I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding & it’s not an outdoors activity that appeals to me but I love watching footage of people carving down a mountain side. The views from these mountain tops are beautiful as well. I’ve heard quotes from John Muir, the legendary naturalist, author, environmental philosopher & all round outdoors geezer but never knew who he was. I still don’t really and would like to read one of his books very soon.

Basically we like to watch any outdoors documentary on the red bull channel to give us inspiration for our next adventure. It was a good resting weekend & we’ll look forward to getting back out into the outdoors next week.

Hope everyone stayed safe in the storm today whether in or out 🙂



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