Dale Dike Reservoir and a 10k

A lovely weekend with lots of outdoors time.

SATURDAY: a 5.5 mile hike in Bradfield round the Dale Dike Reservoir. We chose a short walk as were running a 10k the next day and didn’t want to destroy our legs. Sometimes it’s nice just to take a stroll and not be totally knackered when you get home 🙂 The route was pleasant and easy on the legs. The first half hour was walking up a road, which was a bit dull, before heading off into fields and paths towards the reservoir. It was a peaceful walk and there weren’t that many other hikers about. Another one ticked off from our 50 Walks in the Peak District book.

The book also gave information about the disaster in 1864 when just before completion the dam collapsed sending tons of water down through the Loxley Valley towards Sheffield tragically killing 244 people. We reflected on the gravity of this disaster as we walked round the reservoir. Its good to be reminded of what’s been before us and the hardships people have suffered especially now in a place that feels incredibly peaceful. There are plaques round the dam giving this history as well.

A nice walk, nothing to shout about and not one to repeat soon but just nice 🙂

SUNDAY: Once a month Longshaw Estate in the Peak District host a 10k trail route. Its 2 loops of a 5k circuit with 2 solid uphill stints. We love doing this race as it gets you out early and is a real toughy! This particular time was the muddiest the trail has ever been (the volunteers confirmed) and yep it was really muddy. Added to the fun though! Here we are with my sister Emily and my dad Kevin and our very muddy trainers after the run.

Home for a bath and for some good food. After being in the cold outdoors one of our favourite recipes is the sweet potato stew from Deliciouslly Ella 🙂



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