Back to the hills

First hike out of strict lockdown and there was no question where we headed! Of course it was our beautiful kinder Scout.

We began walking at 7.30am as we’re still keen to avoid the crowds if we can. We have no children and don’t need to travel too far so if we can why not? There are many options and variations of loops to do at Kinder so we decided on a 6 mile hike, around 3 hours. Always starting at the car park, we hike through Edale, past the start of the Pennine Way and out the top of the village, beginning the ascent up the valley. Through Edale and the shade of the trees it was chilly but as we got into the early morning sun it was glorious.

45 minutes in and we are a pair of sweaty Betty’s as the uphill starts to take its toll!

And 15 minutes later we reach the top. Phew.

From here we turn right and head along the ridge stopping for fun photo opportunities. This is our first hike since mid March so we are enjoying every bit of it!


Big thanks to my sister Emily for providing us with our halfway snack. Home made apricot scones. They were delicious and the perfect boost after out early morning smoothie.

Me with my energy boost, loving life.

So far we’d seen less than 10 people all morning but as we descended down the hill we saw more people beginning their hikes. You could see how it was going to be a busy day and we were glad to be heading home. Arriving in the morning we were the 8th car, now the car park was choka block. Finished at 10.30 am we set off home for a late brunch.

Thanks you Edale for a beautiful hike! 🙂



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