Autumn Rambles

Today we headed out for our first Autumn Ramble of the year. Since getting back from the Coast To Coast 4 weeks ago, we’ve kept our outdoors activity to a minimum due to my sprained ankle. I was a bit naive in thinking 2 days rest would be enough. Turns out a sprain needs lots of rest and recovery time but recently it has started to feel alot better… Yay! Thank goodness as I was started to get cabin fever without our weekly dose of RULU hiking. Rufino has been out running which is fantastic but we rely on our hiking time together as an opportunity to connect and check in with each other without any unnecessary distractions.

All week we’ve been waiting for the weekend so we can go hunting for those autumn tree beauties! The street trees where we live are stunning this time of year and the pavements are turning golden with the fallen leaves. We are lucky knowing a walk round the block provides us with the outside time we need if we weren’t able to travel further from home. As we can get out to the peaks though, that is what we did ๐Ÿฅฐ

Realistically my ankle still needs short walks over level ground. We drove out to Grindleford and found a path disappearing into the woodland. After a few minutes along this path we decided it wasn’t going to satisfy our autumn colour cravings so back to the car we went and onto Hathersage. We parked out the top end of Hathersage and headed into another woodland, climbing steadily to Millstone Edge. This was the biggest climb I’ve done since the C2C. It felt really good to get the heart pumping and needing to take my coast off when we got to the top:

Warming in the sun

Rufino had been to Millstone Edge on a run and I had been to a section of it during a photo shoot, both a few weeks previously but not to this spot together. It amazes me the places yet to be discovered. On other walks we’ve been less than 200 meters from this spot and didn’t even know it was there. That’s what we love about time in the outdoors, the amazing discovers that await ๐Ÿ˜ Millstone Edge is a stunning place and relatively quiet save for the climbers (most hikers head to Stanage Edge for the views).

Even though we’re not climbers we enjoyed the playground it had to offer:

Hanging around

The doc said I need to keep my ankle elevated so…


We headed along Millstone Edge towards the road finding more beautiful colours:


Views from Owler Tor over Hathersage

Autumn appreciation


The weather had started to turn by now so we headed back to the car as the rain came down. This was our longest time out in nature in 4 weeks and wow was it much needed. A lovely autumnal walk with our favourite company ๐Ÿ˜Š