About Us

Hi and welcome to our blog! We’re Rufino & Lucy (aka Rulu adventures!) We’ve been a couple since 2013 & love adventures & adventuring together. Our love for the outdoors has grown over the last few years & really took off in 2018 when we completed our first long distance hike along the West Highland Way in Scotland. 

Prior to this Rufino had climbed the Iztaccihuatl (also known as the sleeping woman) & the La Malinche mountains in Mexico & I had completed a 4 day hike whilst still at school for my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. And that was it! That was the extent of our long distance hiking adventures up until a few years ago.

Oh, and there was a couple of years ago in 2015 when we travelled to the Lake District (we’re based in the Peak District by the way) & attempted a bit of hiking. We got two thirds the way up Scafell Pike & had to turn back due to a giant snow storm. My knees were so knackered from the descent that the rest of our time in the Lakes was spent driving round in our hire car, listening to the Interstellar soundtrack & sipping port from a tiny flask (just me, Rufino was driving) & occasionally stopping for a stroll, NOT a hike. The mountain had beaten us. It was chucking it down too (chucking it down in Yorkshire means raining) & we weren’t exactly well equipped with our clothing choices – for Scafell I was wearing jeans but it was okay because they were my ‘stretchy ones’ – Oh how I’ve had so much to learn!

Anyway before 2018 that was the extent of our multi day hiking. Then one summers evening at a friends party, we got chatting to her parents who had just walked the West Highland Way & we listened in absolute awe to these 60 something year old’s regaling us with the tales from their epic hike. And we knew we had to do it. We wanted some of that magic too. It was like there was another party happening, better than any we’d ever been too & we were missing out. Big FOMO time. So, a few summers later off we went & the rest they say is history. Suffice to say we’re now addicted to hiking & get outdoors as much as we possibly can using up weekends and holidays for our walking adventures! 

We decided to set up this blog & an instagram account to share our hiking adventures & document our experiences. It gives us a space to write about the highs & lows, the joys & sorrows and the up’s & down’s of long distance trail hiking from epic mountain views to carrying over sized back packs. We are by no means ‘professional’ & have made plenty of mistakes along the way. We’ve found ideas & been inspired by other people sharing their stories & advice so if anyone is inspired to go outdoors from reading this blog than that’s an added bonus 🙂

I say ‘Us’ but it’s mostly me, Lucy, that writes the blogs & shares the posts so it should probably be my name that goes first but Luru just never had the same ring to it and we’ve been calling ourselves team Rulu as a little nickname since 2013 so Rulu Adventures it was! Rufino takes the role of lead navigator using the app Windy Maps and also the all important role of head photographer using the Huwaei Pro 30 phone camera to capture the hiking memories.

We hope you enjoy our blog 🙂